The High Visibility Enforcement Campaign is a partnership with Oldham County law enforcement officials to increase the presence of officers available for enforcement of youth alcohol and other drug violations.  This campaign is designed to increase youth perception of harm of underage drinking as well as increase youth perception of risk of getting caught for alcohol-related violations. 

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation

HOC works with community partners to support local cessation classes for people interested in quitting smoking and provides education, outreach and prevention initiatives aimed at reducing the number of youth that choose to use tobacco.  HOC is currently working on addressing the rise in use of e-cigs among young people.  E-cig use is not proven to be safe, is not an effective way to quit smoking, leads to increased risk of becoming addicted to nicotine and a smoker of traditional cigarettes and are also used to smoke marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

Developing and implementing a community-wide, youth-led social norms campaign called Above the Influence (emphasizing the fact that teens value themselves and their aspirations above the debilitating influence of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs), encourages teens to identify personal reasons for remaining above the influence and promotes healthy norms.

The Teens in Training Event was a community collaboration headed by Oldham County's Operation Parent.  The event brought together prevention providers, treatment providers, local and state law enforcement, DUI victims, recovering addicts and teens for an evening of education, challenges and compelling presentations.  Over 100 youth attended and many parents attended the parent conversations as well. 

Parent handbooks are distributed to parents of teens to share information, educate and empower parents to communicate substance free messages to their teens.

A Few of Our Substance Abuse Prevention Initiatives